Welcome ! My name is Angelina Androsova and I am the author of dream dresses «Dream & Dress». My dresses are hand-tailored in Russia with love! Delicate, feminine, airy bride dresses inspire me very much. I have been working as a wedding photographer for 7 years. This experience has given me great insight into how a modern bride should look... You can find my photos: www.angelinaandrosova.ru

Angelina, tell me, please, how did you become a wedding fashion designer?

I gradually changed the sphere of my activity from wedding photography to wedding fashion. For me the change became logical and very harmonious, because since my childhood, I dreamed of becoming exactly a fashion designer. So, in fact, I just realized my childhood dream!

What inspires you for creating a wedding dress?

Beauty, femininity, softness and grace of women are my inspiration. And also: long hair, eyelashes, collarbones, hands, shoulders and back. I create these dresses that might emphasize the subtlest and individual details of girl’s appearance and personality. I see unique accents and dresses, in my opinion, are capable to accent them. Precisely the process of observation inspires me for creation of dream dresses. 

What advice would you give a bride when choosing a wedding dress?

Be yourself, choose a dress by your heart, forgetting stereotypes. Diverge from the stereotypes in matters of color, models and trends. I'm for individuality in all its aspects and I advise brides the same.

What are the key features of your design style?

My key feature is lightness. I love watercolor images of dresses, makeup, hair, photos ... I try to to put that spirit in my dresses.

What is your favorite dress from those that you’ve sewn?

I love all of them. There is a part of my soul in all the models. 

What shouldn’t do a bride in any way when choosing a dress?

She shouldn’t choose a model, which doesn’t fit her type of figure. She also shouldn’t choose a shade of a dress, which is inappropriate for her appearance’s season color type. Lots of things depend on these factors!

Speaking about the ideal dress, whom would you choose from the stars of the present and the past? 

To tell the truth, "celebrity" dresses do not pop up in my memory, even if I try. I live in my own world, and I have little concern with other people's worlds. It is easier for me to remember the dress of an ordinary, but very cute bride! And rather than the dress I remember her smile, her image as a whole. 

Who are your favorite designers?

Maison Margiela, Acne Studios, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood.

Could you please share your creative plans?

My plan is to create a collection of dresses of 2016 year. Actually, there is so much creativity around me that everything seems to be imbued with it! Perhaps, there will be a new project in the near future.

* Interview for the portal womens-blog.ru by Nadezhda Fedyai